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The Hotel PBX of the Future. Today.

ComXchange is the first IP PBX built from the ground up specifically for the lodging industry. Unlike proprietary systems that lock you in with specialized hardware and maintenance programs, ComXchange is built on an open hardware platform. Support and maintenance are streamlined with a true single source solution. Plus, it's no longer necessary to sacrifice features simply because your property is small. The flexibility of ComXchange allows you to choose from best-in-class hardware, specific to the needs of your individual property.

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Make Messaging Easy with Simplified Unified Messaging

With ComXchange Simplified Unified Messaging (UM), you receive your voice messages as e-mails. You can easily listen, save and forward messages while reviewing your e-mail. Unified messaging provides a system for accessing voice messages via your telephone or e-mail. When a caller leaves a message for a staff member, ComXchange sends that memeber an e-mai notification, which includes an audio attachment of the voicemail message.

Ensure Wake-Up Calls with Wake-Up Call Reporting

Missed wake-up calls can be a guest service nightmare. ComXchange provides a greater level of accountability by generating missed wake-up call reports. Front desk staff can simply use a web browser to pull a report of missed wake-up calls and follow up with those guests. Additionally, if a guest inquires about a wake-up call, staff can simply view the web-based report with valuable information like number of attempts without an answer, time of each attempt, etc.

Never Miss a Fax Again

Perhaps a customer faxes a time-sensitive contract to a sales person, but they are on vacation. No problem. ComXchange's fax server easily directs faxes to multiple staff e-mail accounts for increased accountability. As a result, a sales manager still receives copies of faxes when a sales person is out, and can take appropriate action. Additionally, since fax messages are seamlessly integrated with your e-mail you can easily forward and store them. This greatly reduces the need to keep paper records of fax communications.