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The Hotel PBX of the Future. Today.

ComXchange is the first IP PBX built from the ground up specifically for the lodging industry. Unlike proprietary systems that lock you in with specialized hardware and maintenance programs, ComXchange is built on an open hardware platform. Support and maintenance are streamlined with a true single source solution. Plus, it's no longer necessary to sacrifice features simply because your property is small. The flexibility of ComXchange allows you to choose from best-in-class hardware, specific to the needs of your individual property.

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Enhanced Guest Services

Improved Housekeeping Functionality

Perhaps a guest comes to check in early. In many cases, what follows is a scramble to find out if the room is clean and ready. With ComXchange's built-in Enhanced Housekeeping functionality, room statuses can easily be updated by housekeepers using guest room phones. Housekeeping staff members use guest room phones to call ComXchange's built-in Enhanced Housekeeping module to record their entry and exit from rooms. The status change is then immediately communicated to the PMS and can be viewed by the front desk staff. Additionally, an easy-to-use web interface provides convenient access from any hotel computer with a web browser installed.

Easily Program and Manage Wake-Up Calls

Guests can easily program wake-up calls themselves right through their guest room phone. This important hospitality feature makes wake-up calls effortless for your staff. What's more, guests can even choose to "snooze" when the call is received by pressing any key. For special guests, ComXchange supports VIP wake-up calls. ComXchange can call a designated extension, such as the front desk, and then connect to the guest room for a live wake-up call. ComXchange doesn't stop at programming and making wake-up calls. To further manage calls, staff can simply use a web browser to pull wake-up call reports with valuable information such as missed wake-up calls.

Fully-Featured Conference Bridge for Business Customers

Does your property have regular business customers, board rooms or meeting rooms? ComXchange includes a fully-featured conference bridge. There's no additional equipment to buy. This important feature provides business travelers and staff with a valuable service without the added cost of an outside conferencing service. While many built-in conference bridges are cumbersome to use, ComXchange's conferencing is simple. The hotel simply gives the guest a toll-free number and pin which allows callers to join.

Route Calls Effectively with Automated Attendant

Many hotel services and departments such as sales, food and beverage and gift shops can benefit from ComXchange's automated attendant. Multi-level menus allow customers to easily get the information they're looking for, all while keeping your operator available. Plus, after hours calls no longer have to be missed opportunities. Time-based routing allows calls to be directed to a live person at all hours. This means better service, with reduced staff.