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Smoothwall was the first security vendor to develop intelligent content-based web page analysis, a now-essential technology that has rendered URL-blocklist based filters all but obsolete in the context of today’s dynamic web. The Company’s award winning web filter uses this real-time intelligent technology to protect millions of users worldwide, solving the challenge of protecting end users and networks from undesirable content, while still allowing open access to legitimate on-line resources.

Web Access Management (WAM)

Techincal Features
Techincal Features
Product Details
  • Protect against copyright infringement (DMCA)
    Avoid the risk of expensive DMCA infringements by preventing guests from illegally downloading and sharing (P2P) films, games and software whilst hiding behind your IP address.
  • Conserve and manage bandwidth
    Conserve your expensive bandwidth and ensure that all guests enjoy good internet access by reducing bandwidth wastage. WAM options include the blocking of web adverts and limiting the bandwidth consumed by specific streaming media sites and software update sites (eg Microsoft, Adobe etc.).
  • Link and load balance
    Manage multiple Internet connections across multiple ports with automatic fail-over in the event of any internet connection going down.
  • Highly compatible and flexible network topology
    Interacts with Nomadix®, Antlabs™, DHCP and other gateway and billing tools. Fits and scales to any sized hospitality facility.
  • Full firewall functionality
    Protects the entire network with robust zoned firewall technology allowing the guest and the administration networks to be separated.
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
    Status, usage, traffic, sites visited, bandwidth, etc. helps you to make decisions with real information. If you initially operate in monitoring rather than blocking and control mode you may be amazed at just how much of your bandwidth is being wasted!
  • Employee Web Filtering
    With real-time content inspection with Dynamic Content Analysis of both HTTP (and encrypted HTTPS web traffic if required). You can control ‘who, what, when and where’ your employees access the web – reduce your liabilities and improve productivity.



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