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Hospitality 0 + and 411 Service

411 Service
Are guests by-passing your call accounting system?

What is your property doing for 411 Operator Assisted Calls?

Currently your property may be paying approximately $1.25 to $1.99 for one operator assisted call that a guest makes. The guest will ask the computerized auto attendant for one or two numbers and then will ask if the guest would like to be connected to the number requested. If the guest pushes 1 to be connected they will get out of the hotel through a local or long distance call and your call accounting system will not pick up on the call. How can you eliminate guests from by passing your call accounting and the hotel losing money? MTS can provide a operator assisted service through a nationwide provider. When a call is placed the hotel will be charged $0.90 per call and will allow the guest to receive two numbers. The operator will not give them access to be connected directly with the number requested. This will force the guest to place another call which your call accounting system will charge for. Please contact MTS to sign up for the 411 hospitality program.

Zero Plus Service
Are you getting commissions for 0 Plus calls?

Many hotels are not currently making money on zero plus calls. What is your hotel doing? Every time a guest makes a zero plus call from your hotel you can make revenue from it. The zero plus pays a 25% commission from the revenue of the call and a $1.00 per call. Please call to start making commissions today through the Zero plus hospitality program.