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MTS Network Management

MTS NetMon

MTS monitors your network to ensure maximum uptime and can proactively solve problems before your guests notice a problem. Our powerful monitoring tool continuously verifies the state of your hotel's networking equipment and quickly alerts you if a problem arises.

MTS will examine the remote peers IP address from our corporate office 24 hours a day. If an ISP outage occurs, a network fine fails, or IP device trouble appears, the MTS help desk staff are notified within seconds and will respond by quickly contacting the appropriate parties to ensure the issue will be resolved efficiently.


MTS NetMon Benefits

Unmatched Reporting

MTS will use these powerful reporting tools to eliminate any problems that creep up on your network to ensure your customers continue to have a positive internet exprience.

Four most effective NetMon reports

  • The status of all your network devices emailed to you every day.
  • Top reasons your guests call the help desk.
  • Problem trends by room to identify possible issues.
  • Download call tickets for any date range to review troubleshooting quality.

MTS consistantly has new reports and features in develpoment to provide the best tools to keep your network running smooth and your guests happy.

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