Simplified Security

No need to have expensive hardware appliances on site.  With SMART Protect we can seamlessly add prevention for threats like Botnet, Malware, & Phishing.

Preventing malware and botnet attacks can be costly and labor intensive – requiring expensive hardware appliances deployed on site. Using Smart Protect as your, we enable you to seamlessly add malware/threat detection and prevention capabilities in minutes.

We use use over 66 data sources and global cloud threat intelligence to provide up to the minute data and prevention of threats on your network – even allowing you to deny further CnC (command and control) callbacks when an infected device is introduced into your network. 

Bandwidth Management 

SMART Protect controls domains your users can access. It allows you to block bandwidth intensive sites such as streaming media, peer to peer, file sharing or even access to copy written content. In addition to protecting network devices and users, you to free up valuable bandwidth to keep guests operating at lightning speed.

Easy Deployment

Within minutes SMART Protect can be deployed and will instantly help secure and filter your network.

DMCA Letters

Stop end users from illegally accessing copy-written content.  SMART Protect blocks P2P or torrent traffic, which prevents DMCA notices.  

For more information contact MTS at 800-327-7890 or sign up below for a free 7 day trial and MTS will show you how to improve your guest network experience while reducing illegal internet activity.