MTS SIP Telephone Lines

MTS Offers SIP Telephone Lines to save any business money while offering better control utilizing newer technology.  We can easily implement new or take over your existing lines and 80% of the time, we can show a substantial savings over what you currently pay.  MTS offers a different kind of phone line giving you a low monthly upfront cost while paying a low rate for only what you use.  With our internet SIP based phone lines all we need is an internet connection for your lines to ride over.  MTS can provide the necessary equipment to hook up to a newer system that can directly handle SIP or MTS can make a conversion to work on your older telephone system.  

With 15 minutes we can save you up to 70% over what you currently pay.    In most instances, we can save between 25% or more over your current bill.

If you haven't had someone review your bill in the last 12 months, you must take action today.  

All you need to do is price out your lines below or click the chat button below and we can help walk you through how we can help.  

  • Step 1 - Get a copy of your telephone and ISP Bill
  • Step 2 - Initiate a chat with us by clicking the button in the bottom right
  • Step 3 - An MTS Representative will connect with you to review your bill and show you a possible savings within 15 minute