The TraknProtect solution provides a robust platform for employee safety as well as inventory, room tray, and vendor tracking while being easy to install, easy to implement, and economical.


Because the hospitality industry is our home, we understand your need for simple, effective technology solutions. We designed the platform based on extensive feedback from hotel management and staff to ensure ease of use with minimal training. This is why TraknProtect’s products have been specifically designed to integrate easily and efficiently with your hotel’s existing back-of-the-house systems, providing effortless maintenance and convenient monitoring options.

The TraknProtect Safety Button was designed based on feedback from hoteliers and employees to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy solution. The solution provides greater peace of mind for your employees with the assurance that they can summon assistance quickly and effectively when they need it most. Our award-winning solution also helps hotels comply with their union requirements as well as city and state laws for safety buttons and also AHLA’s 5-Star Promise  made by major hotel brands to provide safety buttons to their employees by December 31, 2021. TraknProtect safety buttons help create a safer environment for both your staff and your guests.


Also, TraknProtect is the only company to have the safety solution as part of a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform that helps hotels increase productivity and efficiency – on a single platform. The IoT platform includes inventory trackingroom tray tracking and vendor tracking.